Curiosity As A Time Capsule

Deep Prasad
5 min readNov 19, 2019


Over the past few months, I have helped establish what is essentially an evolution of SETI. The organization, called UAP Expedition Group, is dedicated to studying Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAPs) for signs of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The first expedition we will be embarking on is to a known hotspot for UAPs displaying technology centuries ahead of ours. Many of the observed characteristics defy fundamental laws of physics such as energy conservation. The kind of UAP we are tracking was detected by multiple sensors across different spectra and its existence visually confirmed by a top gun pilot and his crew with a collective thousands of hours of flight time among them. Recently, the US Navy officially acknowledged that a video of this unknown flying object filmed by shocked Navy pilots is indeed authentic.

The object, a 50 foot long cylinder with no wings, rotor blades or detectable propulsion system, was able to travel 31 times the speed of sound and stop instantly, defying our laws of physics as we know it since the violation of energy conservation in such a manner should be impossible. It then hovered over the water and proceed to toy with the world’s best pilots flying some of the most advanced fighter jets available at the time. This case has been covered frequently by the NYT, Times, CNN, Fox, Popular Mechanics, Futurism and many non-western media outlets in the past 18 months. A little known fact about these kinds of incidents is that they have increased in number and their behaviour in restricted military airspace has been described as increasingly “brazen” by the former 3rd highest ranking intelligence official for the United States Government, Christopher Mellon. Joining me on the expedition in hopes to study this phenomenon is the CEO of our group. His name is Kevin Day, he was the radar operator that tracked a cumulative total of 100 of these UAPs over the span of 2 weeks in 2004.

Also part of our organization is former NASA scientist and current professor of Physics Dr.Kevin Knuth, NASA-trained commercial astronaut and quantum physicist Christopher Altman, FLIR engineer David Mason, Optical Physicist Bruce Maccabee, former Navy Chief Master-at-Arms Sean Cahill as well as Engineer and Petty Officer 3rd Class Gary Voorhis. Sean and Gary were also both present along with Kevin Day during the 2 weeks the UAP of interest and its accompanying fleet were tracked and observed.

This is not the entire core group. But it paints a clear picture: Our effort is one of an extremely interdisciplinary nature. We will investigate and get to the bottom of what is going on to the best of our ability. If it’s true that there are unidentified craft centuries ahead of what we have, with virtually no regard for our laws and wishes, we should damn well investigate. We should know anything and everything about such a technology. If not for the obvious potential of it being a threat, then for the arguably more important possibility of making incredible breakthroughs in a short amount of time through studying what scientific and engineering principles allow for these UAPs to exist. If it turns out that a secret group of humans has surpassed every country, military capability and private industry on the planet by an insurmountable leap, we will report it.

To make matters more complicated, UAPs are known to actively mask their signatures, are too fast to physically catch, and have seemingly superior reconnaissance abilities. Some are even reported to have mastered certain psychotronic weapon capabilities such as directly extracting information a person has stored mentally in their mind only. As hard as it is to believe, the UAP we are trying to study seemed to have demonstrated this exact capability. Such technology if it exists, is far out of reach for modern neuroscience.

Finally, UAPs move without any observable propulsion signature. When a bullet is fired, or a rocket, or a car moving forward, there is always a force that needs to be generated in the opposite direction of where the body needs to go. This is something Newton regarded as obvious and Universal, and is part of Newton’s laws of motions. If I push a cart, it moves forward. If I don’t add any force at all, it goes nowhere. This is somehow not the case for UAPs which are able to move forward without anything pushing them. This is revolutionary. If we could replicate this ability, we would no longer need oil or any other fuel source that would pollute the environment. A source of transportation that does not harm the climate would go a long way to solving and preventing climate change disasters to say the least.

Today I am curious. I am curious how anyone, human or not, can pull off such mind bending advancements in Science. I am also curious about who is pulling this off, where they are from and what their motivations are. Normally time capsules store physical objects representing the past. This article is a time capsule for the mind instead. I would like to store my best predictions on what the investigation into UAPs will bring, and not just thanks to our group but the efforts of multiple groups like ours:

  1. We will discover that we are not alone in the Universe.
  2. This will become a household fact at some point in the next 5–10 years. Some will naturally debate this no matter how much science and evidence is presented. After all, we still have Flat Earthers even today.
  3. We will discover that the engineers of these advanced technologies are not human, but also NOT extraterrestrials as we define it.
  4. We will find that words like extraterrestrial, ultra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional are all inaccurate descriptions of what the beings behind these UAPs really are. From what I have seen in terms of data, the answer seems like it is going to be complicated if not downright impossible for us to fully grasp with our current knowledge of Physics and Philosophy.
  5. We will discover that an unfortunate amount of Human mythology and folklore is a result of intelligent nonhumans messing with us with holographic technology for some unknown reason.
  6. We will find out much, much more about ourselves and who and what we really are.
  7. Such revelations will shock virtually every sentient person alive. Depressing some, while freeing others (I would wager most..).
  8. We will eventually communicate, human civilization to Alien civilization, for lack of a better word, once enough humans are psychologically ready for first contact.
  9. UAPs will be formally recognized as a valid PhD and Masters topic in the fields of Quantum Information, Quantum Gravity, Condensed Matter Physics, High Energy Physics, Sociology, History, Literature, Engineering and even Biology.
  10. Sometimes the things we can’t change, end up changing us.

Yours Truly,
Deep Prasad
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